Meet the Experts

Erikka Perkins Rental Manager/Broker

Erikka is one of our original team members.  She began with the company at the beginning of 2005 as a part time office manager and part time real estate agent.  In 2016, Erikka transitioned to Rental Manager.  She enjoys working closely with homeowners to accurately represent and promote their homes to potential renters.  At the end of 2022, Erikka moved with her husband to South Carolina and continues to support Atlantic East remotely.  When she’s not working, Erikka enjoys outdoor activities like walking, hiking and road and trail biking.  Erikka and her husband also enjoy traveling the US in their RV, but wherever she goes she brings her love of Nantucket and her Atlantic East family with her.


“That's why I like working with you. Higher standards!”

“I have to thank you as you have been one of the most efficient Realtors I have ever worked with and I truly thank you for that.”

“Erikka Perkins, our favorite and best rental person on the island!”

“You are a star!”