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From the Nantucket Whaling Museum Roofwalk, Nantucket Historical Association.

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Special Mortgage Limits on Nantucket

In the residential mortgage industry, there are conforming loans (lower rates) and non-conforming loans (higher rates).  Conforming loans adhere to rules set by the government agencies Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae.  More than 90% of residential mortgages are backed by these agencies.  They set the amount on the

Nantucket Coco

Meet Erikka Perkin’s dog: Coco, the Giant Chuhuahua! Coco is an uncharacteristically friendly Chihuahua. From the first day we brought her home she made it her mission to win over Moxie and Lily, our much less friendly Shiba Inus.  Lily was particularly prickly and tried to establish boundaries in an

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