She Really Lived Here?

Old Nantucket HouseMany of us have had the good fortune to live in an old house on Nantucket at some point.  One of the best things about historic homes is the stories they tell.  Maybe a whaling captain lived in the house who still pays an occasional visit? Perhaps there was a secret closet that was used as part of the Underground Railroad? Or have you always wondered what that odd looking structure in the yard is?  Best of all – we have ways of finding out who lived there and what may have happened at the property. This is the fabric that connects us to our shared history.  The Nantucket Preservation Trust (NPT) offers a service that explores and documents house histories on-island. They offer a variety of options including a Brief History, House Genealogy, the Comprehensive House History and the House History and Marker Combo.

Please contact them directly at for more information.