Sconset Beach Preservation Fund Folds

Sconset Beach Erosion

The ‘Sconset Beach Preservation Fund has spent the past 10 years and over $15 million of private money on the geotube project at the foot of the bluff on Baxter Road. This was a private effort, permitted by the Town, to try to stop the extreme erosion and to save homes. Sadly, the SBPF recently came to the conclusion not to continue the project. In order for it to be viable, it required cooperation from the Town and State agencies, specifically the Nantucket Conservation Commission whose job it is to oversee the state wetlands protection act. Additionally a small but very vocal, group of local citizens have been against the project from the start. The ramifications of the SBPF decision to abort the project will be far reaching, expensive and yet to be fully understood. When the geotubes get removed from the beach, erosion will accelerate, threatening homes and requiring the Town to move fast to provide alternate access and utilities. The situation reminds one of the Great Fire of 1846 when most of Nantucket Town burned down while the two fire companies argued about who would have the honor of throwing the first bucket of water on the flames.