Nantucket: More Sewer News!

Town Skyline (GH)-(ZF-6937-11375-1-012)

If you own property in the Nantucket Harbor Shimmo/Plus areas you should be aware by now of plans to bring municipal sewer to your area for continued environmental protection of Nantucket Harbor.  Construction work is expected to begin in September 2017.  Streets in the Harbor Shimmo area that are effected are:  Berkeley Avenue, Boston Avenue, Brewster Road, Cathcart Road, Gardner Road, Harbor View Drive, Juniper Hill, Kelley Road, Middle Valley Road, Moors End Lane, North Road, Pippens Way, Polpis Road, Shawkemo Road, Shimmo Pond Road and South Valley Road. Streets in the Plus area are:  Bayberry Lane, Dooley Court, Friendship Lane, Green Meadows Drive, Hussey Farm Road, Maclean Lane, Marsh Hawk Lane, Meadowview Drive, Pinkham Circle, Pond Road, Rugged Road, Somerset Road, Tashama Lane, Ticcoma Way and Wamasquid Place. The project will serve 360 properties that are currently on septic systems, many of them outdated and/or failing.

At the Town Meeting in 2016 it was voted to pay entirely for the cost of extending the sewer with the tax base.  Individual property owners will be responsible for connecting to Town sewer within 2 years of sewer becoming available at their property.  The cost to connect may include the following costs:  engineering and survey work, excavation and piping, electrical work, installation of a grinder pump and disposition of the old septic system.  The Town is offering sewer extension grinder pumps for $500 to owners who have recently installed an Innovative/Alternative septic system and $1,500 for homeowners who have a traditional septic system.  The pumps normally cost between $3,500 and $5,000 and the Town will pick up the difference. For questions please contact the Town at: or call 508.228.7200 x7800.  Nantucket Harbor Shimmo Plus Project