Nantucket Litter Derby Coming Up!

People Picking Up Trash

Atlantic East is a proud sponsor of the Nantucket Litter Derby and we will be out there picking up trash on the first weekend in April.

From the organizer:  My name is Leah, founder and part of the team with the Nantucket Litter Derby. Our event’s mission is to remove litter from Nantucket’s roads, beaches and open lands, to raise awareness about our fragile ecosystems, and to have a ton of fun while we do it!

In just three years of events, the Nantucket Litter Derby teams have removed a staggering 28 tons of litter from Nantucket’s beaches, open lands, and roadsides. Additionally, the litter collected by our teams has helped to inform our community regarding current and future environmental litter mitigation efforts.
Since the event’s inception, we’ve had over 102 teams of 600 students, church members, friends and family participate in our Island litter competition.

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