Most Expensive Home Sales in Massachusetts in 2022

63 Hulbert Avenue

According to Luxury Homes, of the top 22 home sales in Massachusetts in 2022, 12 were on Nantucket.  Sales 1-5 were all on-island and were either direct waterfront or had strong views:

  1.  21 Lincoln Avenue, $36,000,000
  2.  4 Middle Valley Road, $25,000,000
  3.  63 Hulbert Avenue, $23,100,000*
  4.  7 Chase Links Circle, $20,500,000
  5.  5 Grant Avenue, $19,900,000

More than half of the top sales in the state were on Nantucket.  No surprise, given the limited amount of inventory and that nearly 60% of the island is forever protected for all to enjoy.

*see photo