Doesn’t the Mooring Go With the House?

Nantucket Harbor Aerial

We recently had the pleasure of meeting with Sheila Lucey, Nantucket’s Harbormaster, to get the real story on private moorings.  Sheila first came to the island with the Coast Guard (she was the Chief at Station Brant Point) and she then stayed on afterwards as Assistant Harbormaster and then our Harbormaster. There are 1,800 moorings in 11 mooring fields on Nantucket.  The Army Corps of Engineers licenses all moorings.

Contrary to what many think, a mooring cannot be sold when a property transfers.  There is a long waiting list to get a mooring in one of Nantucket’s harbors because there is, obviously, a limited capacity and very high demand. When a property sells, the mooring rights revert to the Town.  The new owner can apply for a mooring and go through the same process as everyone else.  Each mooring is sized for a specific location and size of boat.  Any questions, please reach out directly to Harbormaster Lucey at 508.325-4100 x5032.