Water on Nantucket (GOOD)

Drinking water on Nantucket comes from two fresh water underground aquifers, located deep beneath the island. Rainfall naturally recharges the aquifers and Wannacomet Water Company draws substantial quantities of water from two public wellfields to supply the island. There are two large water towers for storage, one on Washing Pond Road and the other off of Milestone Road. ‘Sconset has its own water supply and water tower. In 1984 the Environmental Protection Agency designated Nantucket as a sole source aquifer, prompting guidelines for better management and protection of our water supply. According to water company officials, there is plenty of water for the island; it is the quality of it that we must protect.

Because Nantucket has coarse sandy soil conditions, rainfall can easily filter through to the aquifers. As more development occurs, creating more impervious surfaces, there is also the potential for pollutants to reach our ponds and harbors as well as our water supply. Wannacomet Water Company has programs in place to educate and inform the public about the need to protect our water resources. They also carefully monitor our island’s water supply and provide a comprehensive annual water quality report. For more information: 508.228.0022 or www.wannacomet.org.