Thank You to 2020 Rental Owners and Tenants

Empty Beach with ChairThe 2020 season has certainly been an interesting one.  The pandemic and how it would affect travel and vacation activities contributed to a lot of uncertainty heading into the summer season.  As you can imagine, we had more cancellations than we would expect in a normal rental season.  However, as the weather started to warm up and the country started to open up, it seemed as though everyone wanted to escape to Nantucket!  Most cancelled weeks were rebooked and last minute demand was higher than usual through the summer.  We also saw lots of interest in extending existing leases and bookings into the fall.  While the season was certainly a challenge, it was one we were able to meet with the understanding and flexibility of homeowners and tenants alike.  Homeowners shifted leases to 2021 or allowed full or partial refunds to tenants who were at high risk or particularly concerned about travel.  Tenants adapted to the changes necessitated by the pandemic…masks in public, patio dining and lines to get into your favorite retail establishment.  Visitors to the island seemed especially grateful to be here this year, and no one seemed to mind the inconveniences.  The relationship between Atlantic East and our rental homeowners and tenants is a partnership we value every year, but it has been especially rewarding to work with you all during these challenging times.