Summer on Nantucket 2021: Supply and Demand

Farm truck on Main StreetIt is clear from the number of people now on Nantucket that folks are ready to travel and have some fun.  After being cooped up and careful for over 15 months, it now feels like full-on July on-island.  We wonder what it will be like come August, traditionally the busiest month.  We think that the story of this summer will be one of supply and demand.  We came out of the COVID restrictions very fast (some feel it was faster than we should have) and many local businesses have been unable to staff to full levels.  As a result, some restaurants have decided not to serve lunch or are planning to close earlier in the fall than in the past.  The demand for goods and services is higher than ever and it remains to be seen how well they will be met.  We anticipate that people may encounter challenges finding the right rental home, ferry reservation, getting dinner reservations or tee times, a mooring and anything else where demand exceeds supply.  It will help to be flexible and patient!