Nantucket: Update on Coastal Resilience Plan

SeashoreThe Nantucket community has officially started to work on a Coastal Resilience Plan. From the Town’s web site: “The Coastal Resilience Plan (CRP) draws on the cherished built and natural heritage of Nantucket to create a community-supported roadmap to implementation for a series of layered flood control and adaptation approaches that lessen the loss from storm surges and help the community adapt to rising seas and eroding coastlines.” The plan will be driven by scientific studies and inclusive and equitable engagement of all community members and it is slated to be completed by the fall of 2021.As an island, we are aware of the challenges presented by climate change. The plan will analyze risks to island homes and businesses, public infrastructure, the economy, civic spaces, and historic and natural resources and propose specific interventions for reducing long-term risks and increasing resilience.
The team recently launched a tool called the Irys App – which helps to facilitate two-way engagement as they move forward with the plan. Nantucket is the first place to be able to use this tool. Users will be able to provide input by location and category, find events, view project updates, and build community.
For more information: Town of Nantucket Coastal Resilience Plan
Also check out this link to a comprehensive FEMA study done on Nantucket in 2020.