Nantucket: Senior Citizen Tax Work Off Program

In 2012 Nantucket’s Town Meeting adopted a provision that provides homeowners who are 60 or older the opportunity to participate in a property tax relief program in return for volunteer service to the Town.  Participants are paid an hourly rate which is credited to their property tax bill.  These credits are in addition to any exemptions the taxpayer may be eligible for under the tax laws.

The program recognizes that many senior citizens can provide a wealth of knowledge and skills from which the Town could benefit in its various departmental needs.  The program is designed to match municipal volunteer opportunities with eligible Senior Nantucket taxpayers.  The goal is to assist citizens with property tax bills, increase involvement in local government and enhance municipal services by utilizing the skills and abilities of qualified volunteer residents.  The program resumes each December 1st and for more information please contact the Nantucket Human Services Office, located at 81 Washington Street or by phone at 508-325-7559.