Nantucket Real Estate: Work With a Local

Coatue from the AirWe are often asked for real estate advice and opinions on areas outside of Nantucket.  However, Nantucket is our home.  We have spent years cultivating experience and a knowledge base centered around the specifics of Nantucket’s market and it would be irresponsible to offer opinions on a market we aren’t familiar with. There are a myriad of reasons to work with a local real estate broker when selling or buying your Nantucket property, some obvious, some less so.

We know our way around.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the local inventory.  What is currently listed, what was recently listed, what us under contract and what has sold.

We understand the local zoning and the permitting processes which can be very complex.  Local rules and regulations often differ from the state.

We know how to get things done and have solid relationships with local attorneys, surveyors, contractors, care takers and tradespeople.  Good communication is the key to any transaction, whether it is the transfer of real estate, vacation rentals or a renovation.

We know the origins of the processes.  This gives us an advantage in knowing how to help facilitate the needs of our clients and the community.

We’ve forged good working relationships based on trust with each other and cooperating brokers.

We take very seriously our professional code of ethics and conduct, and we understand the rules.  We are familiar with local forms geared to the island market (contingency and offer language).

Because we live here, our agents are present at all showings.  We do not use lock boxes for entry.

We have extensive knowledge about local affordable housing initiatives which are varied and complex.

The cadence of guiding transactions on Nantucket is different from other places and we do it well.

We can help facilitate rentals and be the true agent for our rental owners (boots on ground!).

We are responsive because we live here.

And most importantly, this is our home, and we are committed to our community.