Nantucket: Proposed New Regs for Oil Tanks

Article 67 at the Nantucket Annual Town Meeting proposes that all home heating oil tanks would need to be upgraded to double-walled tanks upon the sale of a property.  These tanks can be installed inside on a concrete floor (like in a basement) or at the exterior of the house on a concrete pad.  The price of a double-walled tank begins at around $1,000.  ATM begins on Monday, April 1 and is expected to run at least two or three nights.

Nantucket Fire Chief Stephen Murphy supports the article and says that it will protect the buyer in the future.  As it now stands, should there be a failure of the tank after the property transfers, it would be the responsibility of the buyer to deal with it which could prove to be very costly (and inconvenient).  Chief Murphy went on to comment that there is “usually about one oil tank spill per year” on Nantucket.

Stay tuned.