Nantucket Alert: Chemicals Found in Some Wells Near Airport

Pond in AutumnDuring the summer it was discovered that some private wells located near the Nantucket Airport had been contaminated with a chemical compound called PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl substances). These chemicals are used in flame retardant foam for fire fighting and are potentially carginogenic. The Nantucket Fire Department, until recently, did test drills using the foam at the airport. The product had been represented as safe by the manufacturer and was required to be used by the federal government. The airport has contracted with Weston Solutions, an environmental company from Pennsylvania and has been testing wells at the airport and neighboring properties. Areas that may have been impacted include neighborhoods to the west of the airport on Monohansett Road and Skyline Drive and residences located south of the airport, due to the flow of groundwater. The airport is working closely with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and is abiding by the current regulations that have been set forth. A wealth of information is available on the subject – start at the Town website.