Nantucket: June Summary of Real Estate Activity

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We are halfway through the year and it is quite a different story in the real estate market than it was one year ago.  Most significant is that demand is far outstripping supply of properties which, of course, has contributed to rapidly escalating prices.  What remains to be seen is

How Sales on Nantucket Break Down So Far This Year

We were curious to assess where we are now with the Nantucket real estate market as we are solidly in what are typically the slowest two months of the year for sales activity.  This year has been somewhat unpredictable with the number of sales down 35% at the end of

Nantucket Real Estate: Q3 Round Up

The summer of 2018 is now in the books, and a very busy summer it was!  There was a small slowdown in the real estate market in the beginning of the summer largely due to overpricing on the part of sellers.  The market picked up through July and August, and

2017: Nantucket Real Estate Year in Review

The real estate market closed out 2017 with over $1 billion in sales transfers, the strongest year ever. There have been only three other years (2014 was the most recent one) that exceeded $1 billion and 2017 was the highest one yet. The number of sales (total of 546) were

Nantucket: Sales Under $500,000

We thought it interesting to take a look at residential sales on Nantucket under $500,000 and, not surprisingly, the door is rapidly closing on that price sector of the market.  We evaluated residential properties only (single family residences, condo and cooperative ownership) and does not include those properties restricted to