Nantucket Real Estate: By Location

Not surprisingly the largest number of sales for the first half of 2016 were of properties located in Town (59), followed by the amorphous Mid-Island area (43) and then Surfside (30).  One reason the Surfside numbers are so high is because all of the affordable housing units at Sachem’s Path

Nantucket Real Estate: 1st Half of 2016 Moving Rapidly

It is interesting to compare different sectors of the market to try to gain a better understanding of where we are heading.  It is kind of like sailing where one has to consider the wind direction, currents and other factors that may necessitate changing course (so one does not crash

Nantucket Real Estate: 2nd Quarter 2016

Real Estate Market Round Up: The numbers for the first half of 2016 confirm what we have been feeling in the field with the number of sales (258) up 32% compared to the first half of 2015 (196). The dollars these sales represent ($428,236,000) are up 26% from the same

Nantucket Sales Over $10 Million

The first sale of a residence on Nantucket over $10,000,000 was not until May of 2000 and it was a large waterfront property in Eel Point, Dionis, selling for $19,500,000, far outstripping the price of any previous residential sales on-island.  The second one was in 2002 and was a water

Nantucket Real Estate Sales: January 2016 WOW!

The numbers are in for January 2016 and there were 49 sales for a staggering total of $93,569,000.  For perspective, the total dollars in ALL of 2015 came in at $882 million.  The number of sales in January increased 34% over 2015 and the dollars represented by these sales was

Nantucket Real Estate: Month of June 2015

The month of June saw a total of 36 closed sales for $72.5 million.  This compares to 44 sales for $94+ million in June 2014.  The lower numbers are attributable largely to the weather this winter which prevented many buyers from traveling to the island.  Additionally, the lower number of

Nantucket Real Estate: 2nd Quarter Update

Summer on Nantucket started with a bang and shows no sign of slowing down as we head into the thick of it. The weather has been beautiful and all of the snow from last winter is, thankfully, a distant memory. There have been some big changes around the island. As

Nantucket: Top O’ The Market

Atlantic East Natnucket Real Estate

In 2014 there were 30 sales over $5 million on Nantucket.  Of these, 7 properties never hit the open market.  The dollars represented by these 30 sales were over $282 billion, accounting for 29% of all sales dollars on Nantucket in 2014.  There were 24 residential properties, 3 parcels of