2017: Nantucket Real Estate Year in Review

The real estate market closed out 2017 with over $1 billion in sales transfers, the strongest year ever. There have been only three other years (2014 was the most recent one) that exceeded $1 billion and 2017 was the highest one yet. The number of sales (total of 546) were

Nantucket: Sales Under $500,000

We thought it interesting to take a look at residential sales on Nantucket under $500,000 and, not surprisingly, the door is rapidly closing on that price sector of the market.  We evaluated residential properties only (single family residences, condo and cooperative ownership) and does not include those properties restricted to

Nantucket Sales Over $10 Million

Since the beginning of 2010 there have been a total of 56 sales over $10,000,000. The breakdown is 48 single family properties, 5 parcels of vacant land and 3 commercial properties. Atlantic East represented sellers or buyers for 3 of the last 7 sales over $10,000,000. Things these properties had

Nantucket: Market Update as of 5.31.17

We recently had an office meeting to discuss the state of the real estate market on Nantucket.  The market is down for the first five months of 2017:  compared to 2016 the number of transactions is down 20% and the dollars represented by these sales declined 11%.  There are numerous

What is the Story with Commercial Property in Town?

Since 2003 there have been 116 sales of commercial property in the Town of Nantucket.  Of these 29 were guest houses, inns or hotels, many of which have been converted to private residences.  The average selling price of commercial property in Town between 2003 and 2005 was $2,628,000;  between 2006

Seven Years and Counting

Nantucket Island

Or why it is important to price correctly: of the 337 properties actively listed for sale on Nantucket right now, 5 of them have been listed for 7 years or longer. The average time on market for these 5 listings is 2,648 days.  One might ask why someone would choose to list

Nantucket Real Estate: 1st Quarter 2017

The real estate market stumbled a bit in the first quarter of 2017, due largely to a number of listings and sales in the lower price ranges.  Of the 104 sales to date this year 35% of them were under $1 million and only 3 sales were over $5 million. 

Nantucket Real Estate: By Location

Not surprisingly the largest number of sales for the first half of 2016 were of properties located in Town (59), followed by the amorphous Mid-Island area (43) and then Surfside (30).  One reason the Surfside numbers are so high is because all of the affordable housing units at Sachem’s Path